Rethinking Fruit for Weight Watchers

Now with One-Point SmartPoint Servings for Fruit
All our favorite fruits, conveniently calculated in one-point measures for Weight Watchers. For any one who's ever wondered, What's the best fruit for Weight Watchers? How many grapes are in one Weight Watchers point? Now all the data is here, in one quick and easy reference list.
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But Wait. Isn't Fruit Free with Weight Watchers? Yes, It Is.FULL DISCLOSURE Weight Watchers' official Freestyle program calls fruit "free". WW currently assigns zero points to fruit. You don't have to count fruit! In fact, fruit is just one of the 200 "free foods" in Weight Watchers' Freestyle program.So, really, how can there be "SmartPoints" for fruit???Well ......... this page is for anyone whose weight loss via Weight Watchers has stalled and thinks that eating "free" fruit might be a culprit. This page respectfully suggests that some WW members (including me) can ben…

Steak and Tomatoes

An introduction to The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, including Jaden’s unforgettable steak recipe (and OH, the tomatoes, people, the tomatoes, all sweet and saucy in a sweet 'n' sour sauce). The steaks are easy enough for a weeknight but special enough for a weekend celebration, perfect for late-summer meals.
"... the family went wild - I think they want it every night now!!!!" ~ Kathleen
First look last fall, I was instantly charmed by the intimacy of The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook by Jaden Hair, the force-of-nature known online for Steamy Kitchen. The recipes are peppered with family pictures and personal anecdotes. In person (yes, we’ve met!) and in book, Jaden exudes irrepressible energy and sheer fun. At first, however, the recipes themselves didn’t call to me and the cookbook dropped to the bottom of the stack.Fast forward to early summer when I found myself tagging one recipe after another. Could I cook the entire book? I sure wanted to!Why the change? I w…

Cantaloupe Smoothie: Creamy or Frosty or Both?!

How to make a cantaloupe smoothie. Would you believe, just take a ripe cantaloupe and toss it in the blender? It’s that easy and unbelievably creamy for 100% fruit.

No labor required to whip up a Cantaloupe Smoothie but Happy Labor Day (or Labour Day, Canadian readers!) Weekends to All! This recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes.
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Friday I sniffed it
in the grocery store,
turned it
in my hands, looking

for bruises

in the rough, webbed rind.

My mother's voice—the one

I carry always in my head—pronounced it fine. Ripe,

but not too soft.
- excerpt from “Cantaloupe”
by poet Lee Robinson
via Writer's Almanac PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE:ALWAYS WASH YOUR FRUITS and VEGETABLES!Always, always wash the exterior of melons, other fruits, vegetables and all fresh produce, even if the skin won’t be eaten.W…