Best Recipes of 2012

My favorite recipes from 2012, just one "best" recipe per month. Made with "real food" (not processed food) and expressing that certain Kitchen Parade style, that means 'fresh' and 'easy' and 'healthy' and 'flavor-forward' and 'seasonal'. Weight Watchers, all Kitchen Parade recipes include Weight Watchers points and nutrition information!

Kitchen Parade's Best Recipes 2012

"My grandma always used to .... [fill in the blank]." I love this about kids: Do something memorable once or twice or three times and it fixes in memory as if experienced week-in-week-out for years. "My grandma always used to make pancakes in animal shapes. My grandma always kept an open bag of candy in a kitchen drawer, right in front where it was easy to get to." True stories.

Here at Kitchen Parade, it is also true though that every year I "always" look back over the year's recipes and do my best, as hard as it is, to collect in one place what I think are the best recipes. Two recipe styles – sensibilities, really – stand out. My favorite recipes tend to be concepts as much as "recipes", ones where adaptation is expected, where the centers are solid but the edges blurry. My favorite recipes tend to be staples, the stuff we just might "always make" week-in-week-out.

With no further ado ...

My Favorite Recipes from 2012

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January - How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup February - Gumbo March - Bacon-Wrapped Dried Apricots
April - Mojito Strawberries May - Mini Porcupine Meatballs June - Mint Julep Pork Chops
July - Homemade Buttermilk August - Cold & Creamy Cantaloupe Soup September - Shakshuka (Eggs Nested in Summer Vegetables)
October - Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Grits (or Pumpkin Grits or Butternut Squash Grits) November - Oven-Baked Whole-Grain Pilaf December - Yorkshire Pudding

My Favorite Recipes from 2012

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Brown Sugar Lemon Curd Easy Baked Oatmeal with Apples & Walnuts Bourbon Pralines

More 'Best of the Year' Favorite Recipes from Kitchen Parade

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  1. Fantastic read. The family recipes are always the best to me! Great divergent offering here and lots of fun reading!
    Happy 2013, Alanna!

  2. i LOVE your September recipe, Alanna!!!

  3. New to your site! Love the someplace to start. :)

  4. Valerie ~ Happy New Year, Valerie! I lean to family favorites too, especially ones from my Canadian family. No wonder we like each other's recipes!

    Pille ~ How cool is it that we too like so many of the same recipes, given our "northern" slant (you from Estonia, me with Canadian/northern US/Scandinavian backgrounds) and yet we both still love a dish that's from the Middle East! Shakshuka is amazing!

    Wendy ~ Welcome to to Kitchen Parade, I hope you find lots to like here!

  5. Ooo they all look so good! Thanks for the inspiration. Even though I am a beginner and every new recipe is a big challenge for me, I try as hard as I can to surprise my friends. I just recently bought a book called Healthy Family Cookbook full of recipes offering advice on how to make your meals healthier so I think I'll now be able to accumulate some enriching experience while preparing meals that are not only delicious but also healthy. After the holiday season that's what all of us need. :)


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