Seasonal Sundays (Week 13)

Hello from the normal-not-normal world of sheltering in place ... thinking about service and sacrifice.
Seasonal Sundays ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.


In normal times, we reserve these words to express great gratitude to those who serve and sacrifice in our military, the fighting forces that defend our democracy and very way of life. But the frontlines of our moment reside in hospitals and homes across a world united against a common enemy. So many, who serve. So many, who sacrifice. So many, who earn our thanks.

Thank You for Your Service ♥, expressing gratitute to all on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic

  • To the nurses, doctors and medical staff already fighting or preparing to fight, thank you for your service
  • To the staff and caretakers working double-time to protect our most vulnerable elderly, thank you for your service
  • To the public health and national security officials who sounded the alarm weeks ago and continue to work on the world's behalf, thank you for your service
  • To the reporters and broadcasters whose work keeps us informed and prepared, thank you for your service
  • To the scientists pushing boundaries to secure a treatment and a vaccine, thank you for your service
  • To our national leaders working to soften the financial blow for the individuals least able to weather this time, thank you for your service
  • To the state, county, city and neighborhood officials who grapple with decision after decision in a world with both too much and too little information, thank you for your service
  • To the stockers and checkers at grocery stores, thank you for your service
  • To the sewers hunched over sewing machines stitching make-do safety masks, thank you for your service
  • To the individuals and families supporting and inspiring one another from afar, thank you for your service
  • To the families staying at home watching Netflix from their sofas, thank you for your service
  • To the man who circulated business cards offering to help older people in his neighborhood with shopping, pharmacy runs, even friendly phone calls, thank you for your service
  • To the social media specialist who suggested snoozing "friends" whose behavior defies the moment, thank you for your service
  • To the dad taking the kids for a long walk on a pretty day, thank you for your service
  • To the parent who keeps his tearful kid home from karate, thank you for your service
  • To the college kids at home and off the beaches during spring break, thank you for your service
  • To the high school seniors whose life passage will end without the usual pomp and circumstance, thank you for your service
  • To the brand-new grandfather who hasn't yet met his days-old granddaughter, thank you for your service
  • To the neighbor who planted a cheery urn of pansies at the top of the street, thank you for your service
  • To the shopper reaching for two packages of toilet paper but instead takes one, thank you for your service
  • To the friend who's arranging long-distance happy hours, thank you for your service
  • To the dog who reminds me that four o'clock is walk time, thank you for your service
  • To all who practice Kindness & Generosity, thank you for your service

That's all I can manage this week. Be well, stay safe, hang in there.

~ Alanna

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