Seasonal Sundays (Week 46) After the Election

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We Vote. We Count. And Then We Move On.

The first day of school. The firm resolve of the New Year. The first day of a new job. The scent of fresh paper in a brand-new journal. The opening paragraph of a new book. A box of new crayons. The sparkle of a new penny. A sense of connection with a new friend. The rush of reconciliation after a heated argument. The first flush of spring. The clearing of the air after a thunderous storm. The promise of marriage vows. The clean shelves of a new fridge. The whiteness of new sneakers. A fresh coat of paint. Figuring out a complicated new recipe. A new minister. The familiar opening lines of a prayer. Re-arranging the furniture. Clean sheets. Clean windows. New guitar strings. New glasses. A fresh haircut. Today's first coffee. The clarity of a new moon. The sun breaking through morning fog. Achieving a hard-fought goal. Opening Day. The scent of new leather. A fresh jar of peanut butter. A new bottle of ketchup. A new Sharpie. A new lipstick. A gangly puppy! The first news of a new baby in the family. That baby's first smile, first words, first steps. A new president.

Big and small, fresh starts fuel our lives.

For those of us here in the States, we have the chance, the promise, of a new day. However we voted, however we're feeling, that new day is dawning. How will things look as the day progresses? That depends on each of us individually and all of us collectively. We can fight it out, call each other names, continue to mistrust. Or we can reach out with kindness and generosity. Across the aisle. Across the divide. Across the back fence. Across the table.

We own this new day, Red and Blue. What we do with it, well, that's up to us ... the rest of the world wonders if we're up for the challenge. Much work is ahead. Let's show 'em.

And that's all I've got this week, friends. Predictably, I spent the week in the kitchen, distracting cooking, stress eating, quelling the tension, pushing back the panic, visualizing responses to the outcomes. I spent the week off my laptop, off the news, off Facebook, just off ... except to lift my face to the sun, lying on my back looking through fall leaves lit by sunshine.

Back next week ... thank you for understanding.

Be well. Be nice. Be a new day.

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