Seasonal Sundays (Week 5) Late January

Well, hey, January. Yes, you demand pots of chili and bowls of soup and let's not forget to cook all the winter favorites because before we know it, it'll be .... spring again.
Seasonal Sundays ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

Welcome to Seasonal Sundays ...

After ten days without a working furnace plus five days with a know-it-all thermostat that just couldn't heat the house, we are finally w-a-r-m again.

Here's a heads up. Along with a new furnace, we okayed a pricey thermostat hoping a particular feature would solve a problem that's long plagued this house but even if it had worked (it didn't) there was no way to overcome (1) literally needing the manual to figure out how to adjust temps up/down and (2) an unresponsive touch even once I knew how and (3) the "eco" features which somehow thought we were away when we really weren't and automatically turned the heat way down. No wonder the house wouldn't warm up, with two people working in other parts of the house, invisible to the thermostat.

Luckily the furnace people came back right away and re-installed our prior thermostat and within a couple of hours, the house was fully warm again.

I'm grateful that, for once, it was the least expensive, least technical solution that works the best.

Two employees of the furnace company both bought the same thermostats. One said it took six months to get used it. The other said he bought his on a Black Friday sale but uses zero features. I'm pretty sure I paid about $50 for our old/current thermostat, that's 1/7th the price of the one that was returned.

Anybody with a similar story?!

PS Not to worry, during the 15 days, we still heat from a second furnace in our family room and holed up there 24x7. Twas cozy! In a good way! I couldn't help but think of so many families living-working-schooling in small spaces for going on two years. There are just two of us here and we didn't exactly trip over one another but still ...

About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image: Just some cookies I baked for the grandkids this week, my sister's peanut butter cookies plus a touch of vanilla that somehow, whoah, make these way-too-irresistible. Sorry to tease, no recipe online ...


Pick One is for those of us overwhelmed by life's unending choices. If that resonates, then check out this one recipe and then call it a day. It's one that I think could make the most difference, the one I hope will become a regular in your kitchen, as it is in mine.

Chocolate Chili ♥, my oldest (and still best!) recipe for homemade chili with lots of spices and yes, cocoa powder. Weight Watchers Friendly. Whole30 Friendly. High Protein. Gluten Free.
  • THE RECIPE Chocolate Chili My long-time recipe, meaty and full of spices and a touch of chocolate.
  • WHY THIS, WHY NOW The calendar's flipping by so-so fast. How many weeks of chili weather are left? Best get on it! I sure intend to ...

What's New?!

Wondering about a recipe from the last while? Check Recent Recipes from Kitchen Parade and Recent Vegetable Recipes from A Veggie Venture.

Warm Baked Feta & Tomatoes with Shrimp ♥ TikTok phenomenon worth the hype as an appetizer, casual meal or pasta feast.

Meal Prep

Spinach Brownies, another easy, healthy breakfast ♥ A Veggie Venture. Fresh & Flexible. Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Great for Meal Prep. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Low Cal. Vegetarian.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for "Dry January"

Hibiscus Tea with Ginger & Vanilla, either cold or hot ♥, for anyone who wants to drink more water, great for Weight Watchers, Medifast and other diet programs.

The Dinner Bell

Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, the dinner bell rings. If we're gonna eat, somebody's gotta cook, some nights fuel, some nights a feast. Let's make it good, a welcome end to our days.
Cast Iron Meatloaf ♥, my go-to meatloaf recipe, tender, moist and full of flavor thanks to milk-soaked bread crumbs and a pile of chopped vegetables that melt into the meatloaf.
  • THE RECIPE Cast Iron Meatloaf My go-to recipe for meatloaf.
  • ANOTHER TAKE Elk Meatloaf Adapted from the easy Quaker Oats meatloaf with ground beef, elk, bison, venison or even turkey.

Chicken Nachos ♥, quick 'n' easy with rotisserie chicken, black beans, grilled peppers, jalapeños, cheddar and more.

Weight Watchers Spinach & Tortellini Soup, another healthy soup ♥ A Veggie Venture. WW Friendly. Low Carb. Low Fat. Easily High Protein. Great for Meal Prep.

Good to Know

Quick Ways to Doctor Frozen Green Beans ♥ AVeggie, a collection of easy ideas.

Working from Home? Lunch at the Kitchen Table

Quick 'n' Easy Raw Salad ♥, my own 'healthy habit' that I hope will inspire yours, too.

Put an Egg on Top aka "How About Eggs for Dinner?"

Why should breakfast get all the eggs?! If eggs for dinner were a club, I'd be president, chief marketing officer, resident evangelist, public advocate and ... hey, wanna join my club? Start here!

Spinach Soup with Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs ♥, homemade spinach soup on the table in 30 minutes, including still-warm easy-to-peel hard-cooked eggs.

Something New to You? A Challenge!

It's one thing to know what we like. It's another to get caught in a rut of repetition. Every so often, I may offer a challenge to try something that just might be new. The challenge is yours to accept – or y'know, not – but I hope to pique your palate! I'm thinking this will be our Valentines at Home for Two in 2022 ...

Beef Bourguignon (French Beef Stew) ♥ Three days of preparation, one magnificant feast.

Finnish Food

Cabbage Noodles ♥, ribbons of fresh healthy cabbage cooked in a skillet until soft and silky, almost like noodles. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Cal. Low Carb. Gluten Free. Vegetarian, Easily Vegan.

Soups & Salads Especially for January

What sparks you in January? Warms you from the middle out or nourishes you from the outside in? Soup, of course! Salads, of course! That's why I spent a year gathering all of A Veggie Venture's best soup and salad recipes into easy-to-scan month-by-month collections.

Dig into Seasonal Soup & Salad Recipes for January, tons of ideas!

Here's a sample!

Seasonal Soups & Salads for February, a monthly feature ♥ A Veggie Venture

Homemade Minestrone Soup, another light but filling soup ♥

Daikon & Pepper Salad, another healthy vegetable salad ♥ Crisp, fresh, vegan.

Feeding a Sugar-Conscious Sweet Tooth

You too? We're cutting back on sweets without demonizing dessert, usually with smaller batches, smaller servings, shareable desserts or fruit desserts in addition to limiting frequency. But some times?

Cranberry Apple Crisp ♥, my signature dessert during cold weather. A classic sweet apple crisp, punched up cranberries and brandy-soaked currants, bright with citrus and ginger.
  • THE RECIPE Cranberry Apple Crisp A wintry take on fall's favorite, my signature dessert during cold weather.
  • ANOTHER TAKE Extra-Crispy Apple Crisp My very own "perfect" recipe, barely sweet apples firm and tart, topped with an extra-crispy topping, thanks to a secret ingredient.


Who else loves seeing old photos pop up, quick memories from years past? Welcome to a recipe timehop ...

Winter Stew ♥, a master recipe for a wintry meat and vegetable stew, a concept recipe that's been much-tested with many combinations of meats and vegetables, liquids and more. Shown here, elk meat, butternut squash, sherry and dried apricots.
  • THE RECIPE Winter Stew A master recipe, cook with confidence, no recipe required.
  • ANOTHER TAKE Beef & Mushroom Stew On the table and flavorful within an hour.

Braised Collard Greens, a fine southern tradition at New Year's ♥ WW Friendly. Vegan. Low Carb. Low Fat. Gluten Free.


My Top 10 Recipes are predictable, hello Should Cooked Pork Be Pink? and (Sloooow) Baked Potatoes (How Long to Bake a Baked Potato). But every week, seasonal recipes catch the internet's attention and start to trend.

Rethinking Fruit for Weight Watchers, how and why to count points ♥ WW works but free fruit doesn't work for everyone. If your weight loss journey is stalled, fruit might be the culprit.

Butternut Squash Soup that Actually Tastes Like Butternut Squash ♥ A Veggie Venture, just three ingredients, silky smooth and quite elegant.

Just Updated!

Broiled Grapefruit ♥, three different ways, incl the favorite 'Spicy Way' with Savory Spices.

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