Seasonal Sundays (Week 8) Breakfast Occasions

Seven breakfast recipes, ones that work for real occasions sure but better than that, help us create our own occasions, just by slowing down for a short while to ... break the fast.

Seasonal Sundays, a weekly newsletter ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

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How does breakfast go, in your life? Do you even eat breakfast? or grab something heading out the door? If so, sorry, I've got nothin' for you, at least not this week.

Instead this collection of recipes is for days when there's a little extra time, maybe days off, maybe on weekends, maybe those Monday holidays like Presidents Day which aren't entrenched with food tradition.

So this collection isn't for "actual" occasions like Easter etc but for mornings when the very meal becomes the occasion, the very gathering becomes the celebration.

Isn't life moving so fast that slowing down, for just an hour or two, makes breakfast itself an occasion?

Put the coffee on, people. We've got breakfast to make.

About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image: That's my first dog Lady, oh my, she so lived for kibbles! She was such a wonderful dog to live with and I still miss her. It seemed fitting, the day we adopted Luka, to learn that he was born the day she crossed the rainbow. Luka dances for kibbles!

In Praise Of ...

  • ... giant round ice cube molds (affiliate link) which keeps those old-fashioneds my husband makes for us on special occasions (not breakfast!) so so cold, the large balls of ice take 3 or 4 hours to melt!
  • ... Sitka Salmon Shares, the fish subscription service, all wild-caught, all by independent fishing families, all sustainable. We subscribed two years ago and love the monthly deliveries of salmon, cod, halibut, sablefish and some times other seafood. This is NOT a sponsored post, we just really love having good fish in the freezer. The fish thaws in cold water in about 30 minutes and cooks up in in half that time.
  • ... finally finding red beans, they're soaking now for Red Beans & Rice for Mardi Gras Eve so we can do pancakes on Mardi Gras itself, that's Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Tuesday in some religious traditions.


Spin Dip Baked Eggs, another healthy breakfast recipe ♥ A Veggie Venture, just eggs baked in our favorite spinach and artichoke dip. Weekday Easy, Weekend Special. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Spinach Quiche with Red Pepper & Feta, another classic spinach recipe ♥, creamy custard packed with fresh or frozen spinach in a homemade or refrigerated crust. Budget Friendly. Company Worthy.

Cabbage & Pepper Chakchoukah aka Ooga-Chaka Eggs, another healthy breakfast ♥ A savory make-ahead vegetable stew, perfect for nesting runny eggs. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Refried Bean Sauce with Eggs on Top ♥, a hearty protein-packed weekend brunch recipe.

Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole, a master recipe ♥ Start with eggs, frozen hash browns, salsa and cheese, then adapt as you like, incl on-the-go muffins and individual ramekins.

Mexican Gashouse Eggs ♥, a takeoff on the classic Gashouse Eggs, just an egg fried in the center of a tortilla, with salsa and cheese.
  • THE RECIPE Mexican Gas House Eggs The new game in town, an egg fried in a tortilla.
  • ANOTHER TAKE Gashouse Eggs The old-time comfort food, just an egg and bread fried together, with so many names.

Fried Bread, for the best toast ever ♥ How to toast bread without a toaster, crisp and golden.
  • THE RECIPE Fried Bread (Skillet Toast) Slices of hearty bread, toasted in a pan until crisp and golden.
  • ANOTHER TAKE Gashouse Eggs The old-time comfort food, just an egg and bread fried together, with so many names.

What's New?!

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Manna Café Oatcakes ♥ Famous oatmeal pancakes from the much-missed restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.

Looking Ahead ...

  • February 20 - President's Day (tomorrow!)
  • February 21 - Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Night (this Tuesday!)
  • February 22 - Ash Wednesday / Beginning of Lent (this Wednesday!)
  • February 23 - Chili Day (this Thursday! though for us, every day is a good chili day!)
A collection of recipes for Mardi Gras ♥
  • THE COLLECTION Mardi Gras Cajun and Creole straight from N'awlins.
  • ALL THE HOLIDAYS All the Holidays Year-round food for fun and celebration.

Make Tonight a Pancake Night ♥ Move over Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday!

How to plant Lenten Grass, an old Finnish tradition ♥, helping children mark the season of Lent.

Friday Fish ♥, a collection of simple fish recipes for easy dinners.
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  • AND ANOTHER Kitchen Parade's Seafood Recipes including shrimp, oysters, lobster, crab.

Chillin: Favorite Chili, Chowder & Cornbread Recipes ♥, a collection of cold-weather, football-friendly favorites.

Looking Back ...

Just Updated!

Gumbo ♥, a classic Cajun gumbo except that the roux is cooked in the oven. Let the oven do the stirring!

Julia Child's Soubise (Onion & Rice Casserole) ♥ Dreamy. Heavenly. Ethereal. Addictive. Yes, it's that good.

How to Roast Carrots ♥, with simple detailed Instructions for new cooks.

How to Steam Carrots, another healthy technique ♥

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