Easy Baked Fish Recipe with
Red Pepper & Cucumber Salad

Thank you, Lent, for the reminder that fish makes for a fast and healthy supper, not just for a few weeks in late winter but year-round. This recipe relies on a handful of pantry ingredients. Quick-quick, it's on the table in 30 minutes. Weight Watchers, you're going to love this recipe! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Observing Lent with ChildrenCareful readers might wonder what's growing in the dish behind the plate? That's Lenten grass, an old Finnish tradition, one of my favorite ways to observe Lent. The Sad State of Fish Fries During LentMy home of St. Louis is a bedrock of Catholicism. Catholic schools abound, some 123 of them, their playgrounds filled with rambunctious kids in plaid-jumper and khaki-pant uniforms. It’s not so rare to meet faithful parishioners like my neighbors who have been married 58 years this month and still walk to Mass every morning. During Lent, many parishes host Friday-night fish fries, attracting throngs of hungry eaters, Catholic or no…

Refried Bean Sauce with Eggs on Top

A hearty protein-packed weekend brunch recipe, a bean and tomato sauce studded with crispy corn tortillas and sautéed onion and pepper, topped with cheese and 'huevos', eggs. Overheard:HIM, making conversation: “So we’re off to Mexico next week, can’t wait to spend a day in the Seasons of My Heart cooking school in Oaxaca.”HER, with enthusiasm: “Lucky you! I just love quesadillas.”HIM, gently. “Quesadillas aren’t really Mexican food.” HER, displaying an intimate relationship with the Taco Bell menu. “Oh yes they are. I just love the chicken quesadillas. And the chalupa baja. And the ranchero soft taco.”HIM, recognizing futility. “See you when we get back. We’ll give you a full report.” This is a protein-packed hearty breakfast, my own adaptation of Huevos Cuauhtemoc (Emperor Cuauhtemoc’s Eggs) and a crowd favorite for a make-it-now or mostly make-ahead brunch. The protein is a welcome change from the high-carb and high-calorie bready stratas so typical of make-ahead brunch reci…