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Dear Kitchen Parade Readers & Visitors,UPDATESUPDATE 11:00am Wednesday 4/21 I just now realized that some links are not working properly. For example, if you start on the Recipe Box page and click Mother's Day, you will reach not the Mother's Day recipes but instead the main holiday page, necessitating an extra click to get to Mother's Day. I'm checking to see if there is an automated way to re-instate these links but it's likely to require manual updates, page by page, link by link. FINAL UPDATE 6:00am Monday 4/19 So, yes, "we got it!" I've been testing multiple browsers all weekend long, all things look normal. The one exception is that I'm getting 'some' (but not all) reports that the Internet Explorer 6 browser is displaying pages without the proper formatting. I've checked stats, a small percentage of Kitchen Parade readers use this version of Internet Explorer which was released back in 2001. My site has always been quirky wi…

Ham & Eggs Recipe with Leftover Ham

Another favorite recipe for using up a lot of leftover ham. Ham & Eggs is a hearty breakfast dish, whether for one or two or a hungry crowd. You wouldn't think that something as basic as cooking ham and eggs would require a "recipe", but honestly, this is so perfect, so easy, so tasty, so protein- and flavor-packed, I hope that Kitchen Parade readers find it an inspiration! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

The ham's on your pillow,

The egg's in your sheet,

The bran muffin's rollin'

Down under your feet,

There's milk in the mattress,

And juice on the spread-

Well, you said that you wanted

Your breakfast in bed.

- from "Sorry I Spilled It"
by Shel Silverstein, humorist, poet & genius

In bed or at the table, Ham & Eggs is (or wait, should that be "are??) surprisingly hearty even though the recipe calls for just four eggs. The recipe easily feeds four but if served with fruit, muffins or other breakfast sides, it’s ample eno…

How to Make Ham and Beans
with a Leftover Ham Bone

What to do with that ham bone from the holiday ham? Freeze it to use later, if need be, you don't want to waste all that free flavor goodness! Better yet, here's how to make Ham and Beans, just good-for-you dried beans, a few vegetables, the right mix of dried herbs and the oh-so-important ham bone. We usually "slow cook" Ham and Beans in the oven but I also have great luck cooking Ham and Beans in a slow cooker.

Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Budget Friendly. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. Great for Meal Prep.

Savory Orange Slices

Salad for Spring or Summer
A simple and surprising orange salad — really, why relegate oranges to breakfast?! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

This recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes
published every summer since 2009.
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"Delightful." ~ Pauline"Yumm!" ~ Melanie

The Family GroveIn the 1950s, my Minnesota grandparents bought a place in Florida and flew south in a fast ’53 Ford to become snowbirds. Now if the words "place in Florida" conjure up something grand, think again. The place was a sandy patch parked with a small trailer with one bedroom and a pull-out couch in the living area.After my grandfather died, Gramma walked the beach for long hours, finding solace in the sea shells that washed up along the Gulf Coast. In the spring, my parents descended with my sis…

Twice-Smoked Ham

How & Why to Smoke a Smoked Ham a Second Time
Looking for a special way to cook a ham? Start with a smoked ham and then, yes, smoke it again. The second smoke transforms an already good ham into something that's smoky-good and with perfect texture for serving at room temperature in a buffet or gently rewarmed in the oven for serving hot at the table. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"They are absolutely wonderful!" ~ ToyLady"Yummo!! We'll be doing this one again!" ~ LeAnne"The twice-smoked ham [was] amazing, if I do say so myself...and I do." ~ Kim
Searching for a Ham, a Very Specific HamThe story of my obsession with ham, especially Twice-Smoked Ham, begins four years and some 200 pounds of ham ago.Inspired by a recipe from a food magazine, I went hunting for a Christmas ham, not just any ham, mind you, but the exact one specified in that "preferably" language that recipes use – specifically, "preferably a smoked ham, …