How to Frost a Cake:
Step-by-Step Photos & Tips

Layer cakes are just so festive! Bring a layer cake to dinner and a real party is likely to erupt. Here's how I frost a cake, it's really easy and takes about 20 minutes, no need for special equipment. Like the looks of the cake in the photographs? It's Southern Belle Lemon Layer Cake ! ~ more cake recipes ~ Get Out the Waxed Paper Tear off strips of waxed paper and arrange them around the outer edge of the cake plate, so that the outer perimeter of the cake will rest on about an inch or so of waxed paper. Why? After the cake is iced, you'll slip the waxed paper sheets out from under the cake and the cake plate will be perfectly clean! Five strips are better than the three shown in the photo, I ran short this day and you'l see, later, that I needed to supplement with foil. Oh - foil works too, it's just more expensive. "Glue" the Cake to the Plate Spread some frosting on the cake plate, this prevents the cake from slipping to

Southern Belle Lemon Layer Cake Recipe

A bright, moist and extra-lemony cake. On its own, the cake is worthy of attention, three layers and extra lemon-y. It strikes me as a southern-style cake, lemon on lemon, plain but somehow elegant, understated in appearance, pretty on the plate, entirely appealing. Most of all, I'm in love with the extra-lemony Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting! But this is a flexible cake recipe, too. Make it in a 9x13 cake. Make one that's extra orange-y or cherry-y or more fruity flavors. In fact, modify the recipe only slightly for a Strawberry Cake or a Christmas Peppermint Cake! ~ Skip Straight to the Base Recipe ~ ~ Strawberry Cake ~ ~ Christmas Peppermint Cake ~ Mom Knows Best: the Cake Mix Lesson “I want to make my mom a cake for Mother’s Day,” announced Katherine, age nine. To keep the project a surprise, Katherine’s aunt conspired to whisk her away for a few hours. My job was to help Katherine and Stefanie, her two-year old cousin, bake a cake. “Piece of cake!” I thought a