Spiced Yogurt Chicken

Oh people, this chicken! It's so easy to mix up a quick marinade with yogurt and pantry spices. And then you can grill the chicken, or cook it on the stovetop, or even bake it in the oven. Add a salad and supper's a slam-dunk. Just gorgeous. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "... very tasty ..." ~ Anne "... the whole family loved it." ~ Anonymous "... very good! Juicy and flavorful ..." ~ Anoymous What're you waiting for?! Welcome! It's "Quick Supper" Time! Welcome to Kitchen Parade's very first official "Quick Supper," a very special collection of recipes here at Kitchen Parade. Since 2005, I've been collecting dinner recipes that are "easy on the budget, the clock, the waistline and the dishwasher" – that's my definition of Quick Supper. The best news? There are no Rachael Ray-style surprises here: her recipes put dinner on the table in 30 minutes but al

Black Beans & Rice Skillet Casserole with Smoked Chicken

The Recipe: Late-summer casual comfort food, a simple rice and black bean casserole, amped up with smoky flavors, smoked chicken plus special smoky seasonings. Makes enough for a crowd, freezes beautifully too. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ How to Smoke a Chicken. Here's the one and only way I know to smoke a chicken. It's super-easy albeit some times it costs you. And it can take a few days. Here's how I do it. I say, "Honey, would you smoke a couple of chickens this weekend?" :-) Yes, "he" smokes the chickens, usually three or four since it's a several-hour process no matter how many. The first night, we invite family over to gorge on smoked chicken hot off the smoker. Smoky heaven, that dinner! Later that night, I throw a carcass or two into the stockpot with some water. A few hours later, the kitchen smells wonderful and there'll be a couple of quarts of chicken stock topped with chicken fat, what's called "schmaltz

What Is Vichyssoise?
Nothing More Than a
Simple Leek and Potato Soup

Pronounced VEE-shee-shwaz, vichyssoise is a simple leek and potato soup. Serve it hot on cold days and cold on hot days. Either way, it is, in two easier-to-pronounce words, simply sublime. Just Five Ingredients! A Classic French Soup. Soothing Comfort Food. Great for Meal Prep.

Easy Apricot Jam with Rosemary

The Recipe: A small batch of fresh apricot jam, barely sweet and with a bare touch of rosemary and lemon. And then? No canning required! This is a rustic and fruity refrigerator jam that's super-super apricot-y. We can't get enough! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Ah, August and September's Bounty! Last week's score was two crates of peaches and tomatoes and three quarts of apricots – all seconds, all on the cheap. Within a few hours, I cranked up the stove to make this year's batch of an old family recipe. (We call it "Sharon's Pickle" for my cousin Sharon, who loves it so much but for others I call Ripe-Tomato Relish with Peaches & Pears .) It's a project, for sure, three hours just to prep the fruits and vegetables, then some hours of cooking, then canning. If you're like me and only can every so often, reviewing my Practical Home Canning Tips is a good way to get back into the groove. Small Batch Refrigerator J