Lemon Pudding Cake

The Recipe: Light and airy lemon pudding cake, that old-fashioned lemon dessert that's baked until the cake on top turns golden and a soft lemony pudding forms below. Think this, all at once, in a single bite: soft, warm, crisp, sweet, tart, fluffy and creamy. And now? Popping with plump, juicy raspberries too! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Perfect for Princesses, Pixies and Parents As girls go, I was no girlie girl. My pixie cut was cropped so short, no ribbons could stay put. My mother made all my sister’s and my clothes, no pink ruffles for us, instead think plaid jumpers with piping and corduroy pants lined with flannel. But for my sixth birthday, nothing would do except a princess theme, with me, of course, the reigning princess. A cowlicked neighbor boy, Albert, was my assigned and most-reluctant prince. Home movies show his arrival, dragged by the hand by his mother. (But the food, Alanna, get on with the food.) Did my mom ice a cake with princess-wort

My Chicken Noodle Soup

The Recipe: Chicken Noodle Soup the way I make it, a meaty, noodle-y soup in a rich, flavorful stock. It just might be medicinal, in fact, when the cold and flu seasons are at their peaks, I call it "Get Well Soon Chicken Soup". And hey, while I know strict carb watchers won't stand for noodles in their soup, this soup is actually low carb – that's thanks to an easy technique (really, just time and patience) that allows just a few noodles to plump into an illusion of oh-so-many. The result? Chicken noodle soup, just over a hundred calories per cup with 13 grams of protein – and what seems like lots of noodles (but isn't). Weight Watchers friendly! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "...boy, is it good! And so easy. It is going on my make again list!" ~ Debbie Add yours, leave a comment, below! BEST RECIPES! My Chicken Noodle Soup Made the Big List! Kitchen Parade’s Best-Ever “Most Useful” Recipes , just one select recipe p