My Best & Favorite Apple Recipes

My Best & Favorite Apple Recipes
Happy happy fall!
May our baskets ever be full, enjoy the apple recipes!
~ Alanna

My Favorite Apple Recipes - Savory

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Healthy Waldorf Salad Kohlrabi & Apple Slaw (A Veggie Venture) Swedish Cabbage (A Veggie Venture)
Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Thick Chops with Sauerkraut Chicken Cider Stew

My Favorite Apple Recipes - Oh So Sweet!

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Homemade Applesauce Naturally Sweetened Apple Butter Estonian Apple Cake
Extra-Crispy Apple Crisp Baked Apples American Apple Pie

Bushels of Apples Still to Go?

This Fall, Make the Best Apple Pie Ever

If there's ever a cooking skill to develop, it's making pastry for homemade pies -- but not just any pie crust, flaky and tender pie crust, so tender you'll want to break pieces off the edge (what we call 'mouse bites'!) just to savor. Three years ago right now, I was up to my elbows in flour, re-learning how to make pie crusts. I "got it" -- and so are Kitchen Parade readers.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm 54 years old and have been baking most of my life but I never could bake a pie that I felt worthy of serving...until now! I made this apple pie and it is perfect." ~ Janice from Ontario
"It was the most wonderful pie I have ever made. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Julia from Utah
"I absolutely loved this recipe. I made it the other day, and it was the best pie crust I had ever made, hands down! Thank you for helping me out of my pie crust rut!!" ~ Chris
"I made the apple pie with your recipes and it was absolutely scrumptious!" ~ Anonymous
"I also had problems with pie crust. Then I did this recipe for my "tortierre" pie for Xmas and they were the most amazing crusts ever." ~ BJ from Montreal
"This is THE best pie crust I have ever made! ... The reminder of a hot oven and cold dough stuck with me all throughout, and because of that, the crust turned out perfectly!" ~ Jennifer
"I've been making pies since I was 13 and with your recipe and instructions, I finally made a tasty, flaky crust. I'm so excited to make pies for guests now!" ~ Mary
"I've tried to make crust before but because of no success, had given up and settled for store bought crusts...not today. I made your recipe and it was fantastic, absolutely the best pie crust I've ever made. THanks SO MUCH for the step by step instructions. ... I especially appreciate the comment about not worrying about what it looks like when it goes in the oven...mine looked not so nice going in but great coming out." ~ Louise

How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust Flaky Tender Pie Crust American Apple Pie

More "Best & Favorite" Recipes

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