Seasonal Sundays (Week 30) Summer Salads

A big collection of summer salads, the mainstays of quick summer meals ...
Seasonal Sundays ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

Welcome to Seasonal Sundays ...

Raise your hand if you love vegetable salads! Raise two hands if you really really really love vegetables salads in the summer! Enough Simon Says and yoga stretches but believe it or not, this was a difficult collection to gather together for one reason: I have soooo many great salad recipes, it's hard to pare them down to just a few!

So today I've focused on veggie-packed pasta salads, green bean salads, cucumber salads and vegetable salads with beans. Tomato salads? Zucchini salads? Corn salads? Saved for another day.

I hope you love this collection! Here's to the salad days of summer!

About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image:

A moment of welcome calm, an eastern tiger swallowtail, a male I think, a common butterfly with broad habitat across America from the Atlantic to the Great Plains. This handsome fella is feeding on purple blazing star (also called liatris) in a meadow in the northern edges of the Missouri Ozarks. Close-ups of these lovely creatures often reveal less than perfect specimens: their wings are often in tatters and yet they're still flying.

A lesson?

If you, like me, are feeling beat up by the vulnerable state of the world — no, that's not right, it's the precarious state of these un-United States that sends me hangdog. What is it that makes so many of us so mean and selfish and outright bullies? What makes us accept and even applaud Portland, Atlanta, character assassination, stifled science and so so much more.

Every day feels like a firehose of insidious new and expanding threat. My long-time Canadian friend wrote this week, "You can't even escape to Canada anymore" because, you know, the border is closed (and should be).

And yet ... battered butterflies continue to fly and let us never forget that Black people have fought oppression and discrimination for centuries. As just-passed civil rights leader John Lewis wrote, "Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way."

Life, it's a long game, God willing.


Pick One is for those of us overwhelmed by life's unending choices. If that resonates, then check out this one recipe and then call it a day. It's one that I think could make the most difference, the one I hope will become a regular in your kitchen, as it is in mine.

Pinto Bean Salad, another Fresh & Flexible Salad ♥ Quick to Make. Low Fat. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Masks for Canadians & More

Susan from Thunder Bay wrote: "This may interest your other Canadian readers. I recently bought a few comfortable masks from Canadian Tire. They are nothing fancy, just basic black in the L-XL size (which fit me very well but was a little short for my husband) or navy for the S-M size. But they are lightweight, breathable and non-binding around the ears. I find them more comfortable than the stiff ones I sewed. And less than $4 each!"

Sorry, these don't seem to be sold online.

My friend Kirsten from Farm Fresh Feasts (our moms were life-long friends! her mom introduced my parents!) recommends the traditional mask from Mystery Ranch, a backpack maker which pivoted earlier this year.

Both my husband and I found the gaiter masks from Sam's Club very useful this week, especially in a mask-on / mask-off situation since the mask rests around the neck and is easy to pull up and re-situate. They're still not online so if you order groceries from the Sam's or Instacart apps, you might have to ask the shopper for a special look, I've had to do this with other products and it works great.

Do you have a mask you love that others can purchase or make? Send me a note! Let's mask up, people!

Cook. Eat. Repeat.

Here's my appeal for mealtime minimalism, the idea that you don't have to think up a new breakfast or a new lunch every day. It's a way to think less about food rather than more. It's maintains that the ritual of healthy satisfying staples can fill you up in a way that the new and the novel cannot.

Old Liz's Old-Fashioned Cucumber & Tomato Salad, another easy summer salad ♥ Fresh & Seasonal. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegan. Pinterest Loves It! Best Recipes 2008.

Summer Easy: Less Cookin', More Livin'.

More than a decade ago, I started collecting a certain style of summer dishes that espouse my summer motto, Less Cookin', More Livin'. These are Kitchen Parade's most simple, most fresh, most memorable and most summery recipes, all in one place. I hope you love 'em all! See Easy Summer Recipes!

Wedge Salad with Homemade Low-Cal & Low-Carb Blue Cheese Salad Dressing, another weeknight easy supper idea ♥ Low Carb. High Protein. Fresh & Seasonal. Summer Classic.

Something New to You? A Challenge!

It's one thing to know what we like. It's another to get caught in a rut of repetition. Every so often, I may offer a challenge to try something that just might be new. The challenge is yours to accept – or y'know, not – but I hope to pique your palate!

My Everyday Creamy Herb Salad Dressing, another Master Recipe ♥, quick, easy meal prep. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Not To Be Missed

Finnish Summer Potato Salad, ♥, just new potatoes and a simple vinaigrette. No Mayo. Vegan. Paleo. Easy. Nordic.

Big Cajun Chopped Salad, another fresh, flexible & healthy salad ♥ Great with gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp creole, crawfish boils and more.

Zucchini Spiral 'Noodle' Salad ♥, a fresh summer salad, light and lovely.

Pasta Salads Loaded With Vegetables

Garden Pasta Salad with Mint Vinaigrette ♥, light on the pasta, generous with the summer's best fresh veggies and all tossed in a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s mint vinaigrette.

Best-Ever Macaroni Salad, the summer classic, just better ♥ Great crunch, thanks to six different vegetables in a light and bright savory dressing. Budget Friendly. Potluck and Party Friendly. Weight Watchers Friendly.

BLT Pasta Salad ♥, a salad version of the summer classic BLT sandwich.

Summer Salads With Beans

Summer Black-Eyed Pea Salad, another crowd-friendly salad ♥

Fresh Three-Bean Salad, another easy summer salad ♥, made skinny with less oil and less sugar. WW Friendly. Gluten Free. Low Carb. Vegan.

Quinoa & Black Bean Salad ♥, a great make-ahead salad recipe. Hearty with quinoa and crunchy with vegetables, bright with lime.

Celebrating Summer Green Beans

Summer Green Bean Salad, another easy summer salad ♥, just steamed green beans, sweet corn and Spiced Pickled Red Onions. WW Friendly. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Chilled Green Bean Salad with Rosemary & Garlic Oil, another healthy summer salad ♥ Vegan. Low Carb. WW Friendly.

Green Bean Garden Salad, a 'real' garden salad ♥, just fresh beans, tomatoes and corn tossed in tangy feta dressing. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Gluten Free.

When the Garden Spits Out Cucumbers Like Bullets

Julia Child's Cucumber Salad, another easy summer salad ♥ Great Crunch. Low Carb. Vegan. WW Friendly.

Smitten Kitchen's Avocado-Cucumber Salad ♥, addictively good, so many variations. Low Carb. Gluten Free.

Bloody Mary Salad ♥, a vegetable-packed jello salad, perfect for potlucks, dieters and healthy eaters. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly.

What's New?!

How to Sweeten Lemonade with Fruit Not Sugar, summer experiments with ♥ using pineapple, watermelon and more.

Cooler Corn: How to Cook Corn in a Beer Cooler (or use same great technique on the stove!) ♥

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