Seasonal Sundays (Week 53) Happy Lucky New Year

As we count down the last days of 2022, how about setting up the new year for good luck and good fortune with traditional greens and other foods from the American South? No jinxes here, I promise!

Seasonal Sundays ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

Welcome to Seasonal Sundays ...

So heaven knows, we could've used a little luck this week.

Somebody here got a toothache, just four days before Christmas. We had several Christmas events planned, all but one were cancelled and even the Solstice Dinner dropped from a convivial eight to a friendly six because of you-know-the-culprits.

But maybe we did have some good luck after all???

We got my husband into the dentist the very next morning. Amanda Coyle is the best dentist in all St. Louis!

The Solstice Dinner was so relaxed and lovely, perfect timing for a meal with friends, kinda like Friendsgiving except at Christmas. I served four slow, individual courses, nothing fancy, everything delicious. (Recipes to come!)

And then ...

ATT had a big internet outage that included our neighborhood. But you know what? It happened during the days right before Christmas: it wasn't calamitous, nothing HAD to be done.

And then ...

My car's check engine light came on when it was sunny but only 3 degrees. But I was only 2 miles from our mechanic and the station was open and most of all, the car's battery was so near-dead it would've stopped on me any minute. (Funny story. The car also needed an alternator, which was going to take a bit to get delivered so I accepted the station's offer of their loaner car. Somebody went to warm it up for me and it, too, had a dead battery!)

And then ...

After several days of just-above-zero temps, our street had a water main break which turned the entrance into a skating rink and everyone lost water. Except us! Which meant we could offer hot showers and more to our neighbors.

So maybe just thinking about all these New Year's foods that promise good fortune in the new year was already working? Who knows, maybe!

A FINNISH NEW YEAR's TRADITION One of the most magical nights of my entire life was the second New Year's Eve in Helsinki. Think walking through a forest with sparkles of snow sprinkling through the tree tops to reach a brightly lit home filled with friends already in full celebration mode. Think dropping molten metal into ice buckets, the odd shapes supposedly predict the new year. This year, my husband and I will continue one tradition, sausages and potato salad for New Year's Eve. It's far from the fussy appetizers of yore but homey to gather round and easy for the cook and and cleaner-upper. This year, I think we'll find some European-style sausages to sample ...

NEW YEAR'S WITH KIDS Set the clocks ahead by two or three or even four hours, then break out the bubbly and noisemakers just before what's really ten or nine or even eight o'clock. Then go to bed! PS It works! Best sleep ever ...

About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image: Looking out onto December snow, a candle reflected in the window glass, enahanced by the Pilot filter from my much-loved Prisma app. Who can see the flags outstretched in that hard north wind?

Made Me Think ...

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SEASONAL INSPIRATION: Lucky Greens & Other Foods for Good Fortune in the New Year

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Slow-Cooked Greens & Smoked Turkey ♥, healthy leafy greens cooked until tender and luscious with a smoked turkey leg or ham hocks. Low Carb. Low Cal. High Protein. Gluten Free. Great for Meal Prep and Weight Watchers.

Summer Black-Eyed Pea Salad, another crowd-friendly salad ♥

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