Seasonal Sundays (Week 36) Lazy Weekend Breakfasts

Pssst. [whispers] Hey, it's me, your breakfast genie, a day early on a Saturday. Are you ready to rise 'n' shine? Because I've got some breakfast ideas, eggs sure, but also pancakes and muffins and ... because here's hoping everybody gets at least one lazy morning this three-day weekend. [still whispering, but louder] C'mon. I'll put the coffee on and cut up some fruit. Let's make breakfast!

Seasonal Sundays, a weekly newsletter ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

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Dressed yet? No problem, jammies are encouraged on lazy weekend mornings. Besides, mustn't we use gorilla grip to string out these late-summer moments, slightly cooler already (here, blessedly, where you are too?) and inviting lingering at the table? Why yes, we do.

Best put on another pot.

About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image: By all rights, that should be our dog Luka welcoming the morning sun. Instead, he's mesmerized by the Super Blue Moon which rose from the east clarion clear on Wednesday night. He just s-t-a-r-e-d. We did too ...

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  • Forgotten Americans (of a Different Type) A quick summary: "We hear endlessly about the minority of Americans who support or tolerate Donald Trump. We hear from them at Trump rallies, we listen to what they say in diners. By comparison, we hear little about the majority of Americans who oppose him." Who's ever once read an article trying to understand "Biden Country"? There's Trumpers and Never-Trumpers but who conjoins those in active support of our sitting president? Am I a "Bidenist"? Damn Straight.

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Let me just presume that if you're reading this, well, you're both a cook and a recipe collector. Don't the two kinda go together? And that means you tuck aside interesting recipes all over the place and then, dang, where is that chicken recipe that looked so good anyway? Here's an idea. Start a folder on your phone, call it "Kitchen Parade" or "Alanna" or whatever makes best sense to you. Then save the recipes you're most interested in right there in one place. Easy Peasy.

SEASONAL INSPIRATION: Seven Lazy Weekend Breakfasts

Manna Café Oatcakes ♥ Famous oatmeal pancakes from the much-missed restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.

Baked Eggs with Ratatouille Vegetables, another healthy, hearty breakfast ♥

French Scrambled Eggs ♥, eggs cooked low and slow, with a few vegetables. Sumptuous! Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Crustless Quiche with Roasted Peppers, another easy healthy breakfast ♥ Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. High Protein. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

How to Make a Spinach Omelet, another quick, healthy breakfast ♥ High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Budget Friendly.

Cornmeal Muffins with Apple, another seasonal muffin ♥, studded with apple with a pretty sliver on top. Perfect for Fall Breakfasts. Autumn Comfort Food. Great for Meal Prep. No Mixer Required.

Overnight Coffeecake ♥, easy, adaptable coffeecake recipe, mix it the night before, bake to serve hot and fresh in the morning.

What's New?!

Wondering about a recipe from the last while? Check Recent Recipes from Kitchen Parade and Recent Vegetable Recipes from A Veggie Venture.

Hurricane Rice with Shrimp & Sausage, a Cajun-style Quick Supper ♥ On the table in 30 minutes, packed with flavor & protein.


WOW! An anonymous fan (hey, who are you???) recently left this comment about A Veggie Venture, my food blog about vegetables dating wayyyy back to 2005, that's like a thousand years in Internet time.

I almost cried! It's the perfect description, I wish I'd written it myself.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to do about A Veggie Venture. Its recipes are mainstays here on Seasonal Sundays but I haven't posted anything new in over two years. Thoughts?

Anyway, many thanks to the wordsmith who left this description ...

"A Veggie Venture" is a delightful food blog dedicated to celebrating the world of vegetables. Penned by the enthusiastic "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg, a seasoned food columnist hailing from suburban St. Louis, this blog is a treasure trove of culinary creativity. With over 1300 diverse and complementary vegetable recipes, the offerings span the entire alphabet from Asparagus to Zucchini. Whether you're seeking seasonal delights or timeless staples, the blog caters to every palate, ranging from savory to sweet, salads to sides, soups to supper. The collection encompasses a wide spectrum of dietary preferences, including Weight Watchers, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, paleo, and whole30 recipes. Alanna Kellogg's passion for vegetables shines through, making "A Veggie Venture" an inspiring destination for those seeking both simple and special vegetable-based dishes.

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Something useful ... or thoughtful ... or interesting ... or fun ... from Seasonal Sundays, this same week.

FROM 2022 This is such an easy way to stay alert, aware and then take action. Sign up for Chop Wood, Carry Water, a 6x weekly email, each one with targeted, timely suggestions on who to call/write/text about what, including easily adaptable scripts. I realllllly look forward to her Sunday posts, which list all the "wins" from the week. For anyone who's sad / frustrated / afraid of all the things going/gone wrong in our country, the Sunday posts will lift your spirits.

A Quick Peek Into a Real-Life Kitchen

Just so you know, everything's not all pretty pictures around here, in the background is a pile of dirty dishes. And just like many (all?) of us, come five o'clock, I too draw a blank about what to make for supper, despite so many recipes I so dearly love. Here's a quick peek from the last week, not including the hummingbird food, roasted beets and quick microwave sweet corn on repeat this time of year.

Sweet-Corn Soup with Shrimp ♥, familiar ingredients combined into something unusual and surprising. Serve chilled in summer, warm in the spring. Fresh & Seasonal. High Protein.
  • THIS WEEK This is perhaps my #1 summer recipe that really-really deserves a lot more love!! All the ingredients are familiar, they're just combined in a way that's oh-so-alluring. Please, pretty please? Try this one!
  • THE RECIPE Sweet-Corn Soup with Shrimp Familiar ingredients combine into something unusual and surprising.

Summer Seafood Chowder, another Quick Supper ♥, sweet seafood and late-summer vegetables in a milky broth.
  • THIS WEEK We had a little, um, freezer-door-left-open incident, leaving us scrambling to save a bunch of meat and especially, the beautiful fish from Sitka Seafood Market (new name! same excellent wild-caught sustainable fish). I made a double batch of this summery chowder, jam-packing it with shrimp and sable (instead of shrimp and scallops). Oh so good! I will say that the sable turned soft the second night, I wouldn't use it again unless intending to eat it all that first night. I also subbed a little zucchini for the okra, it needs more cooking time but tasted great. My 3x5 recipe card now reads: Make this every year, without fail. The tomato makes it really summery,
  • THE RECIPE Summer Seafood Chowder Shrimp and scallops in a milky broth, with barely cooked tomato, corn and my favorite vegetable this summer, okra.

Roasted Roma Tomatoes ♥, turning plentiful, inexpensive so-so plum tomatoes into something special.
  • THIS WEEK The farmers market had really pretty roma tomatoes, I roasted a bunch, knowing that with all that chowder, we'd want some little open-faced sandwiches too. And this is so me: thick slices of My Easy Everyday Bread Recipe toasted in a skillet, spread with a little Homemade Ricotta and topped with a couple of pieces of roasted tomato. What a feast!
  • THE RECIPE Roasted Roma Tomatoes Turn so-so supermarket tomatoes into something special.

Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout & Peach Preserve Dressing, another simple summer salad supper ♥, smoked fish plus an easy peach preserve and mustard vinaigrette.
  • THIS WEEK While I was making chowder (and cooking 20 pounds of ground beef for the freezer), my husband fired up the smoker to hot-smoke several pounds of salmon and sable. WOW. So good. So one night, I switched up my go-to recipe for a smoked-fish salad supper, using smoked sable instead of smoked trout, romaine instead of arugula and strawberry jam instead of peach preserve for the dressing. Wow. A feast.
  • THE RECIPE Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout & Peach Preserve Dressing A simple but special summer meal.

Smoked Salmon Spread ♥, just smoked salmon plus a few pantry ingredients.
  • THIS WEEK Some of that smoked salmon went into a batch of this simple spread, it was just lovely with a bottle of Alsatian blush wine on a simple Charcuterie Board when a friend dropped by for a little hummingbird watching and to watch the Super Blue Moon rise. It's pretty easy to find hot-smoked salmon (not lox), definitely a winner, here.
  • THE RECIPE Smoked Salmon Spread Healthy appetizer, tastes rich and indulgent.
How to Make Hummingbird Food with the right ratio of sugar and water ♥
  • THIS WEEK Speaking of hummingbirds, wow, in the past few days do we not have a near-constant airshow of hummers swooping and swirling in our yard, swinging on the perches, resting in the trees, coming in for long, slow feeds. It's enchanting! It's maybe a little late to start feeding this year but not too early to start planning for 2024. (Yikes! 2024!)
  • IT'S FOR THE BIRDS Hummingbird Food Just sugar and water in the right ratio. It's fun! (PIN This)

Just Updated!

Chicken a la King, a retro Quick Supper ♥ Tender chicken with mushrooms and veggies in a light cream sauce.

Summer Three-Berry Pie ♥, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries with streusel topping.
  • THE RECIPE Summer Three-Berry Pie An all-berry pie (or fruit crisp), glistening with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. (PIN This)
  • ANOTHER TAKE Peach, Cherry & Blueberry Fruit Sauce or Fruit Soup A special three-fruit combo, especially good on chocolate ice cream. (PIN This)

Something to Read

PICK ONE? Horse (affiliate link) by Geraldine Brooks. What a book, story telling at its best. If you consider just one in this longer-than-usual book list, make it this. It's a mesmerizing inside look at enslavement, horse racing, a search for identity and independence.

All the Sinners Bleed (affiliate link) by S.A. Crosby. Ha. It's hard to tell from this week's book list but I actually mark more books as "DF" (didn't finish) than those I finish. When I get really stuck, I turn to books with plot, often thrillers and crime fiction. I will read a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g by this author, whose genre is called "Southern noir". He writes about race and culture in a dark, gritty revealing way. I also recommend Blacktop Wasteland.

Small Things Like These (affiliate link) By Claire Keegan. This is a short book, just 128 pages and would be a lovely book club read over the holidays.

The Skin I'm In (affiliate link) by Sharon Flake. This is another short book, my seven year-old grand-nephew and I listened to it in the car, both of us fascinated.

NO TIME TO READ? Maybe You Really Do? How I Read 4X More This Year Than Last What I gave up, how I read so much, what I read.

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