Banana Floats

The Reader Recipe: An old-fashioned dessert, part Orange Julius , part root beer float. Kitchen Parade loves! loves! loves! recipes from readers!!! This recipe comes from a reader in South Dakota: “This is an old recipe I grew up with. It is light and served in a sherbet glass. At my home, we always had it after a big meal with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, gravy and lots of vegetables. In those days, we didn’t worry about fat!” Thank you, Marilyn! Banana Floats are a perfect treat for this will-it-be-cold-or-warm-today? time as late winter slopes into early spring. The days are noticeably longer, leafy daffodil tendrils burst lightward, knobby hyacinth bulbs nudge aside the dirt. Even if snow falls again, spring will soon don its flowery bonnet. But speaking of fat, is your coffee shop abuzz with questions about the new study that says a low-fat diet doesn’t prevent breast cancer? and the one that suggests chocolate lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk

Greek Feta Chicken with Curried Rice

The Chicken Recipe That Gets Passed Around One of my favorite chicken recipes ever! Because it's a healthy low-calorie way to cook chicken. Because it doesn't heat up the kitchen. Because it keeps the chicken moist and flavorful. Because it's so simple to make with on-hand ingredients. Because it's good straight from the oven or the grill. Because it's good served hot or cold. Because it's great for meal prep and supper both. No wonder this recipe gets passed from one good cook to another! And for Weight Watchers? Greek Feta Chicken is a Freestyle miracle, just 1.5 Freestyle points with 29 grams of protein. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ From One Friend to Another. This recipe comes from my friend Lisa in Washington State who got it from her friend Ann in Dallas who got it from … oh I dunno. But it is a recipe that should, like a chain letter, pass from one harried home cook to the next. To speed up the process, I’m sharing it with faithful Kitch