Chicken Sybil

The Multiple Personality Chicken & My Signature Chicken Recipe We all remember the book Sybil , right? I call this recipe "Chicken Sybil" because it's the "multiple personality" chicken, made in so very many different ways, all wonderful. It's so easy to make in a single skillet, the chicken turns out moist and juicy in the center, slightly crispy at the edges. The sauce is so variable, it starts with a creamy-mustard sauce then adds on-hand ingredients. I think you'll love Chicken Sybil, it's the "one way" I make chicken again and again, yet it never turns out the same twice . Whole Food, Fresh & Flexible. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Mere Minutes to the Table. Another Quick Supper , a Kitchen Parade Specialty. Hearty & Filling. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. So Many Rave Reviews.

Two-Way Lentil Skillet:
A Recipe for Lentils with Tofu or Shrimp

What a favorite easy supper recipe, just healthy lentils and tofu for a vegetarian supper, or lentils and shrimp for omnivores who eat seafood. The Indian-style spices make the whole dish really come alive. ‘Concept recipes’ are big favorites here at Kitchen Parade. They’re like families that get along, combinations of ingredients that come together easily as written. But like friendly families happy to have visitors, the recipes seem to sit up and beg for adjustments for taste preferences, on-hand ingredients and seasonal vegetables. This lentil skillet supper is a classic concept recipe, one recipe with at least two entirely different outcomes. The first recommended combination is red lentils and shrimp that’s creamy and comforting. Its cousin is black lentils with tofu that’s hearty and satisfying. Or if you like, go for red lentils with tofu and black lentils with shrimp. The dishes are so different, serve them two nights in a row and no one will complain. And if

Best Recipes of 2006

Kitchen Parade's very best recipes from 2006, just one per month. Best Recipes of 2006 (hover with a mouse for a description; otherwise click a photo to view the recipe) ~ All 2006 Kitchen Parade Recipes ~ More "Best of the Year" Favorite Recipes from Kitchen Parade ~ Kitchen Parade's Best-Ever "Most Useful" Recipes 2002 – Present ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2015 (I owe this to you myself & my sense of order) ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2014 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2013 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2012 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2011 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2010 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2009 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2008 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2007 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2006 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2005 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2004 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2003 ~ ~ Best Recipes of 2002 ~ © Copyright Kitchen Parade 2002, 2007, 2009 & 2019

Black Pepper Almonds

“Might as well the way I am.” That’s my Dad’s customary response when offered a second helping, another slice of pie, just one more cookie. Whether accompanied with contrition or, more often, by an appreciative grin, his words reflect the wisdom of 80 years. So near the end of the holiday season, perhaps the rest of us might benefit from similar acceptance. After all, the damage is already done: nearly all the holiday parties and family gatherings, buffets and dinners are behind us. Besides, January 2 and the inevitable extra cycles on the Stairmaster will arrive soon enough. So add these festive almonds to your New Year’s celebration fare. They pack an addictive bite along with (okay, feel virtuous, starting now!) protein and fiber. If you can, keep from tasting the candied pepper bits that fall from the nuts! We might as well, the way we are. ALANNA’S TIPS Black Pepper Almonds are an easy make-ahead or last-minute addition to party tables. Once they’re out of the

Date-Night Chicken

Time was, the fastest way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. But in Title IX time, turn-about is fair play. Bachelors, take heed: the way to a woman’s heart is a home-cooked meal. Restaurants are wise choices for first dates and special occasions. But soon enough, she’ll invite you over, then wait for you to reciprocate. Or she won’t, but your wallet will suffer from dining out. Enter Date-Night Chicken, an easy, inexpensive and make-ahead supper guaranteed by a now happily married cousin to ‘reel them in’. A relaxed evening at home is the bait. With a little planning, your preparations can be just as easy-going; with a little luck, your payoff can be just as big. First up, the tackle. Stop by the grocery, remembering to pick up salad essentials from the salad bar and something chocolate for dessert. You can cook the chicken, but not bake it, up to a day ahead. With supper under control, survey the fishing hole. Create a romantic playlist on your iPOD just for her. Chi

Cranberry Pudding with Butter Sauce

A popular recipe from the 1950s and 1960s, a dense, moist cranberry cake served with a rich butter sauce . Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal. Retro Dessert. Budget Friendly. No Mixer Needed. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Holiday Potluck & Party Friendly. Vegan Cake.

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

My go-to festive holiday cocktail, a simple three-ingredient combination of cranberry juice, orange liqueur and champagne that works especially well for brunches when low-alcohol (or no alchohol) are extra appreciated. Just Three Ingredients. Homestyle Holiday Cocktails, Fresh & Festive, Mostly Make-Ahead. An Approachable Winter Classic & Easily Adaptable to Other Seasons and Occasions. Perfect When Cooking for One or Two . Scales from Small Carafes to Large Pitchers. Easy DIY. Naturally Gluten Free. So Good!!

Butter Tart Bars

My mother's recipe for the classic Canadian dessert, Butter Tarts, here in easy-to-make bars. Rich, easy, delicious and perfect for dainty trays. COMPLIMENTS! "... they were wonderful!" ~ Beverly "Your mom's recipe looks a lot like one my gran made often for Christmas care packages." ~ Jacqueline When my mother was young, every little café in Canada served butter tarts, buttery pastry filled with a caramel syrup and, some say "Yes!", some say "No way!" raisins. Last summer, I pulled into Sprague, the Minnesota-Manitoba border stop that from the road appears more like a dusty gas station than a small town. The Grey Goose still pulls through Sprague twice a week, not twice a day as it did during the years when Mom pinned a note to my coat to put me on the bus at one end and Nana fetched me at the other. I knew to sit at the front far from the smelly restroom and smokers. I knew to beg my dad for a quarter for