Six Thanksgiving Menus

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, these Thanksgiving menus may inspire your own celebration, whether traditional, make-ahead, casual buffet, an intimate table, vegetarian, lower-calorie – plus a bonus, my own "dream" Thanksgiving menu! Use an entire menu or better yet, mix and match a new recipe or two with your own family favorites. All the recipes are from Kitchen Parade or A Veggie Venture, my food blog about vegetables. about my photograph ~ Traditional Thanksgiving Menu ~ ~ Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu ~ ~ Casual Thanksgiving Buffet Menu ~ ~ Intimate Thanksgiving Menu for a Small Table ~ ~ Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu ~ ~ Lower-Calorie Thanksgiving Menu ~ and a bonus! ~ My Dream Thanksgiving Menu ~ More Thanksgiving Recipes from Kitchen Parade More Thanksgiving Vegetable Recipes from A Veggie Venture A Traditional Thanksgiving Menu ~ all of Thanksgiving's homemade favorites ~ Cranberry Champagne Cocktail Roast Turkey

Healthy Trail Mix (GORP)

I may be 80% city girl but I still appreciate the lore – and the lure – of the woods. It’s a long-standing Kellogg tradition that when the men go hunting, the women bake cookies. This year, however, I’m sending the hunters into the woods with a DIY Healthy Trail Mix, what some hikers call "gorp" and my own easy blend of nuts and seeds and dried fruit. It’s a portable snack made healthy by avoiding the “candy in disguise” that granola bars and commercial trail mixes have become and by bulking up the volume with low-sugar Cheerios. Make-Ahead Portable Snack for Hikers, Hunters & Road Trips. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real . Great for Meal Prep.

Fall Stew Baked in a Whole Pumpkin

How to stuff a small pumpkin with a vegetarian stew of peppers, tomatillos and hominy, then bake it in small individual pie pumpkins or one large pumpkin. Very dramatic in appearance and very tasty eating, too! Vegetarian, easily converted to vegan, perfect for a Thanksgiving vegetarian entrée. This recipe is featured in the brand-new collection of Thanksgiving vegetable recipes at A Veggie Venture, see Favorite Recipes for Thanksgiving's Favorite Vegetables . Once upon a time, I had visions of cooking stew in whole pumpkins in a campfire. So one cool-ish fall afternoon, we stuffed small pumpkins with bits of pork and vegetables, then poured spicy V-8 over top. If indeed “hunger is the best sauce,” by rights, those should have been the best darned pumpkins EVER. We were famished and they looked so promising, all plump and pretty tucked into white-hot coals. Time passed, we poked the flesh: raw. We added fuel to the fire until it snapped and crackled. More time passed, w

Snickers Cookies on Sticks or NOT

I gotta tell ya, when I first spied these cookies, the attraction was a fun recipe for baking with leftover Halloween candy. Instead, Snickers Cookies are dreamy good, the best cookies I’ve made all year. Think “peanut butter cookie with a Snickers bar inside” but then take a bite, oh so chewy and what’s that? Oh my, it’s chocolate and caramel and nougat right inside. The sticks are optional, the cookies themselves, not. TESTIMONIALS "[My husband] says they're the best cookies I've ever made ..." ~ LeAnne "These are fantastic!! ... Definitely a keeper." ~ -K Peel the petals from a daisy to answer, “Does he love me? Does he not?” Visit a clairvoyant to learn “Is it a boy or a girl?” Consult a fortune cookie to foretell the future. Could a recipe for Snickers Cookies on Sticks reveal what kind of moms we might be? A mom who bakes a plateful of homemade cookies for after-school treats? Or a mom who organizes fun Halloween cooking project