Red Beans & Rice

Better than a night on the town in N'awlins? Just as good as red beans and rice in some divey spot in the Louisiana bayous? A big bowl of steaming red beans over plump hot rice right at home in the comfort of your own kitchen. My recipe can be meaty or vegan but never lacks for flavor, thanks to a heap of warm spices and a three-stage slow-cooking technique. Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Meaty with a Ham Bone or Ham Hocks Or Just Leave Them Out, For Just-As-Good (Maybe Better?!) Vegan Red Beans & Rice. High Protein. Great for Meal Prep. Naturally Gluten Free. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 09) Late February

Happy Mardi Gras! Happy Pancake Day! Happy Fat Tuesday! Happy Shrove Tuesday! And so Lent begins ... here you'll find a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen all suited for late February and even (dare we say?) late-winter.

Gumbo (First, Make a Roux - in the Oven)

A classic Cajun seafood gumbo except that the roux is baked in the oven to a rich mahogany color instead of by stirring-stirring-stirring over a hot stove . Another win from the geniuses at Cook's Illustrated! Let the oven do the stirring! Even the Gumbo King is impressed! Whole Food, Fresh & Festive. A Mardi Gras Classic But In Our Family, a Signature Dish at Christmas. Restaurant Quality Gumbo, Made from Scratch. Weekend Special, Great for Meal Prep. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. High Protein.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 08) Mid February

A mid-winter collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen, including for upcoming Mardi Gras gatherings. Plus, the winner of Jubilee, the new cookbook!

How to Cook White Rice

How to cook white rice on the stove, no rice cooker or special equipment involved. If you've wondered how to make perfect rice every time, or struggled with rice that turns out dry or mushy or bland, a few tricks make all the difference. It's time to fall back in love with rice! Cooking Fundamentals, Perfected. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. Vegetarian & Easily Vegan. Great for Meal Prep.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 07) Happy Valentine's Day!

A quick read, a mid-winter collection of recipe and life ideas in and out of the kitchen. And ... Jubilee!

Gashouse Eggs

For old-time comfort food, there's no beating an egg and a slice of bread fried together in one delicious, breakfast-perfect package. The names are many but in my family, an egg fried in a hole in the center of a slice of bread is called "Gashouse Eggs" – well, except when they’re called Kellogg Eggs. Homestyle Eggs 'n' Toast, Together, No Toaster Required. The Old-Fashioned Breakfast with So Many Funny Names. Real Food, Fresh & Family-Approved. A Long-Time Family Favorite. Fast & Flexible. Mere Minutes to the Table. Substantial Enough for a Quick Supper , a Kitchen Parade Specialty. Hearty & Filling. Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Perfect When Cooking for One or Two . Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegetarian. So Good!!

Seasonal Sundays (Week 06) Early February

A quick read, seasonal recipes, meals and life ideas for February. PS Go Chiefs!

My Guacamole

Restaurant-style guacamole, our "house" guacamole made from scratch and a perfect balance of ripe but still-firm avocados, diced tomato and onion, lime juice, jalapeño and cilantro. Earns rave reviews! For anyone who wants to be famous for irresistibly good, authentic guacamole – as good as restaurant guacamole (or better?!) – here's your recipe. Fresh & Seasonal, Perfect for Taco Tuesdays and Party Appetizers. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Unusually Low Cal. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Naturally Gluten Free. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real .

Seasonal Sundays (Week 05) Late January

A quick read, a mid-winter collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.