Easy Egg Recipes

'Expecting' by St. Louis artist Jeff Kapfer

Egg Night. While eggs are way up in price, eggs remain a great food value. Plan "egg night" once a week, then trade off making omelettes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, frittatas, and more. For inspiration, here is my ever-growing collection of basic egg recipes from Kitchen Parade, A Veggie Venture and my fellow food bloggers.

Cooked Eggs Uncooked Eggs

see also my recipes to use leftover
Egg Whites Egg Yolks

Recipes Calling for Cooked Eggs

Especially at Easter, we want to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs and need recipes for leftover hard-cooked eggs. But if you need to boil eggs first, here's how to make Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs.

Uncooked Eggs

These recipes pair eggs with vegetables and other ingredients to make them hearty enough for supper. Many are special enough to plan ahead for, to make an 'occasion' out of farm-fresh eggs.

~ These recipes are collected for my five-part series,
How to Save Money on Groceries ~

~ Many thanks to St. Louis artist Jeff Kapfer for use of his painting to inspire our Egg Nights! For more of Jeff's bird paintings, visit JeffKapfer.com. ~

~ more Main Dish Egg Recipes from A Veggie Venture ~

~ more Egg Recipes from Kitchen Parade ~

Do you have a favorite easy egg recipe that you think Kitchen Parade readers might like? To share it, just send me a quick message via recipes@kitchen-parade.com.

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Alanna Kellogg

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  1. While, as you say, they are up a bit in price, there is still nothing better on a rainy day... to make an omelet for dinner! What a wonderful way to clean out one's refrigerator!

    Thanks for the recipes!


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