Best Recipes of 2011

My favorite recipes from 2011, just one "best" recipe per month. Made with "real food" (not processed food), these are everyday recipes, recipes to make again and again throughout the year, throughout our lives. They are recipes that express the hallmarks of the Kitchen Parade style, "fresh" and "easy" and "healthy" and "flavor-forward" and "seasonal". Weight Watchers, all Kitchen Parade recipes include Weight Watchers points and nutrition information!
Best Recipes of 2011 ♥, just one per month.

At New Year's, it's a food blogger tradition to select our "best recipes" for the year. This is an impossible task, really, since Kitchen Parade isn't a "hey I tried this recipe and it was only okay but I'm going to post it anyway" kind of recipe site. Instead, here, every recipe – every single one – is already a favorite and is often tested many times to simplify, to perfect, to understand variations.

You know all those "ALANNA's TIPS" which so many readers say they just love? That's experience talking, years of experience in the kitchen, yes, but also experience with each and every recipe individually.

Still, some recipes really do stand out as extra-special and deserve special attention.

So here they are, my favorite recipes of 2011. How do they match up with your favorites?

PS I'm kinda nutty about saving year-end lists for books, movies, recipes, etc. This year I'm collecting them on Pinterest, which is totally-definitely-completely my favorite new website of 2011.

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Happy New Year's to all!

My Favorite Recipes from 2011

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January - Quick 'n' Easy Raw Salad February - How to Cook Popcorn in a Microwave in a Paper Bag March - Greens & Grits
April - Rainbow Chicken May - Herb-Coated Broiled Fish June - Easy Shrimp Bites
July - Greek Pasta Salad August - Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella for a Crowd September - Homemade Granola with Almonds & Apricots
October - Homemade Kabocha Squash Pumpkin Purée November - Champion Chicken December - Festive Holiday Salad

My Favorite Recipes from 2011

(hover with a mouse for a description; otherwise click a photo to view the recipe)

Sugar-Free Raspberry Bliss Apple Pudding Cake with Cinnamon Butter Sauce No-Roll Christmas Sugar Cookies

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