Seasonal Sundays (Week 37) Fall Is for Vegetarians

Hungry? I hope so because this week's collection is all about quick dinners and not just any ol' dinners but vegetarian dinners, all suited for this brief bridge of time that's still summer but laced with wisps and even wishes of fall. Think Lentils. Pasta. Simple Skillets. All with your favorite late-summer veggies, eggplant and corn and beans and tomatoes. It's a hungry time of year ...

Seasonal Sundays, a weekly newsletter ♥, a seasonal collection of recipes and life ideas in and out of the kitchen.

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About the Photo By Popular Request, a Little Insight into the Top Image: A big bunch of "Peruvian Lilies" (more below!) on a counter in the kitchen, north light can be so pretty!

In Praise Of ...

  • ... SHOWY LONG-LASTING CUT FLOWERS Call me a sucker for Trader Joe's cut flowers and potted plants but my favorite flowers are something called alstroemeria, also called Peruvian Lilies and Lily of the Incas, pretty, yes? You may not recognize the names but you will likely recognize the flowers themselves. A big bunch is like $4.99 and it lasts for a couple of weeks, just plopped into a vase with maybe a couple of water changes, so long as you remove the leaves on the lower stems, that is. Here's a little more about alstroemeria, including pictures.

  • ... FINNISH LONKERO (LONG DRINK) A popular canned alcoholic beverage from Finland is having a moment, it looks like U.S./Canadian distribution began expanding last year. That's when six-packs of the Finn-flag-blue cans started showing up at Whole Foods (yes, I stocked up!) and this year in a large display at St. Louis' largest grocer, Schnucks (and again!) and also at Total Wine. I love this stuff! It's a mix of gin and grapefruit, though now there are also apparently other less-traditional flavors in a brand expansion, cranberry and tangerine. It's low in alcohol, not too sweet and very sippable on a hot day. Maybe you've heard that Finns are the happiest people on earth, some years running? Grab a Finnish Long Drink and see what happens ... here's a little more info.

  • ... INTERESTING KITCHEN FINDS I recently stumbled back upon a blog called Kath Eats. Kath and I actually met at a Quaker Oats event in Chicago many years ago. At that time, her "blog" was just her posting pictures of her meals, 3x per day. And it was popular! Really! Anyway, these days, like all of us who're still sharing recipes online, she's evolved. Apparently, she also has a new house (maybe a remodel?) and I found her list of kitchen things fascinating, lots of new ideas here, see Favorite New Home Purchases. Check it out, especially if you have an induction stovetop. Or kids. Or quartz counters. Or need new towels.

Made Me Think ...

CURATING A GARDEN ... Over the years, I've weaned out all the "pink" in the garden, save a few peonies that bloom in May. Why? Because by August and especially by September and October when we spend so much time outside, all that spring-pink just seems "off".

Instead, our perennial, annual and pot plantings lean into oranges, golds, whites and greens that carry the gardens well into fall, when I start adding fall mums in bronze and burgundy. So that's our "color palette" ... and it works.

But I was fascinated by this revelatory post by the landscape architect who designed the outside spaces for style/design blogger Emily Henderson. She delves into color, yes, but so much more, down to the very dirt, considering mood, light, maintenance and so much more. It's worth a slow read and has me rethinking our own outdoor spaces.

May I Suggest ... a Link?

Let me just presume that if you're reading this, well, you're both a cook and a recipe collector. Don't the two kinda go together? And that means you tuck aside interesting recipes all over the place and then, dang, where is that chicken recipe that looked so good anyway? Here's an idea. Start a folder on your phone, call it "Kitchen Parade" or "Alanna" or whatever makes best sense to you. Then save the recipes you're most interested in right there in one place. Easy Peasy.

SEASONAL INSPIRATION: Fall Is for Vegetarians

Sweet Pepper Pasta Skillet, another Quick Supper ♥, three colors of bell pepper plus corn, peas and fresh basil. Easy Weeknight Dinner. Budget Friendly.

Warm Lentil Salad with Spinach & Goat Cheese, another easy, delicious meal prep salad ♥ A Veggie Venture.

Mediterranean Eggplant, another Quick Supper ♥, a quick, easy & tasty vegetarian supper, just eggplant, zucchini and tomato (fresh or canned) with a little feta stirred in. One Pot. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Gluten Free.

Baked Orzo Casserole with Eggplant, Olives, Goat Cheese & More, another flavor-packed make-ahead summer casserole ♥ A Veggie Venture

Swiss Chard Skillet Supper with Tomatoes, Corn, Fresh Dill & Feta, a great vegetarian supper ♥ Healthy and delicious, no beating that combination!

Veggie-Lentil Burritos with Cilantro Sauce ♥, a vegetarian concept recipe for what's on hand, gorgeous sauce. Very adaptable. Rave reviews.

Slow Cooker Green Beans & Tomatoes, another Meatless Monday idea ♥ Vegan. Low Carb.

What's New?!

Wondering about a recipe from the last while? Check Recent Recipes from Kitchen Parade and Recent Vegetable Recipes from A Veggie Venture.

Ina Garten's Tabbouleh Salad, another fresh summer salad ♥, starring bulghur wheat, cucumber, tomato, green onion, fresh parsley, fresh mint. Middle-Eastern Classic. Hearty & Filling. Great for Meal Prep. Vegan.


A fellow St. Louisan made the time to write about her fondness for A Veggie Venture, after I shared my indecision about what to do with that site. I'd welcome more feedback ...

CATHY's KIND NOTE "I've enjoyed both Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture ever since I stumbled onto them years ago. Two of my favorite of your recipes came from there, the zucchini-corn timbale, which I make every year, and the vegan jambalaya with chickpeas, also on annual repeat.

I'm not very Internet-savvy and I'm sure there's more to maintaining a blog than I can imagine, but VV is such a wonderful resource, I'd hate, hate, hate to see it vanish even if you're not updating it any longer."

Thanks to Cathy for giving me food for thought.

Here's those two recipes Cathy makes every year ... guess which one's on my own meal plan for next week!

Looking Ahead ...

Looking Back ...

A Quick Peek Into a Real-Life Kitchen

Just so you know, everything's not all pretty pictures around here, in the background is a pile of dirty dishes. And just like many (all?) of us, come five o'clock, I too draw a blank about what to make for supper, despite so many recipes I so dearly love. Here's a quick peek from the last week!

Charcuterie for Two ♥ Practical tips and ideas for convivial meals for special occasions and celebrations.
  • THIS WEEK We've started doing daytime dates on Fridays, "FriDates" if you will. After a carry-out picnic lunch and a visit to St. Louis' wonderful National Blues Museum, neither one of us was hungry for supper let alone motivated to cook. Still, we needed to eat something so I pulled together a charcuterie board that included bits and bobs from the fridge, including Smoked Salmon Spread and Roasted Roma Tomatoes and some gin-soaked golden raisins and settled in with a bottle of wine and a movie. Still, the surprise hit was bites of brie with cantaloupe: WOW.
  • THE HOW-TO Charcuterie for Two Practical tips and ideas for convivial meals for special occasions. (PIN This)

Chipotle Chickpea Salad ♥, beans mixed with summer-fresh vegetables and a smidgin of heat. WW Friendly. Rave Reviews. Gluten Free.
  • THIS WEEK Our good friends host a potluck in a park on Labor Day, it's been going for 10+ years! So I made a double batch of this salad, using wonderful tomatoes from our garden. So good! I was glad there were leftovers! BTW since it was quite warm that day, I found a large covered container, wrapped a reusable ice pack (affiliate link) in a gallon freezer bag, then put the salad into the container right on top of the ice pack. Worked like a charm! I'm going to keep an eye out for something with a slightly better appearance but boy, it was a good idea.
  • THE RECIPE Chipotle Chickpea Salad A fresh, summer salad with a smidgin of heat, substantial enough for dinner.

Something to Read

  • Small Mercies (affiliate link) by Dennis LeHane of Mystic River fame. A wonderful read, described as "a superb thriller, a brutal depiction of criminality and power, and an unflinching portrait of the dark heart of American racism. It is a mesmerizing and wrenching work ... ". AGREED.

  • The White Lady (affiliate link) by Jacqueline Winspear. This book is for those who enjoy the novels about women who fought in WWII.

  • NO TIME TO READ? MAYBE YOU DO! How I Read 4X More This Year Than Last What I gave up, how I read so much, what I read.

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