Best Recipes of 2004

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As I update this page almost two decades later, it comes as no surprise that some of my oldest recipes remain some of my very best and favorite recipes: every single recipe on this page is on a 3x5 card kept in the old-fashioned recipe box (it was my grandmother's!) kept within close reach in my kitchen. That Alice Waters' Coleslaw? It tastes extra good with Mexican food and barbecue, I once made 20 pounds of cabbage worth for an after-wedding brunch! Beet lovers, you'll appreciate the borscht either with or without meat. I hope you love all these recipes too!

Best Recipes of 2004, Just One Per Month ♥

Each Month's Favorites from All Kitchen Parade's 2004 Recipes including Quick Suppers, Soups and Salads. All Whole Food, Made From Scratch & Family-Tested. Mostly Made with Simple Ingredients Relying on Pantry Favorites. Many Budget-Friendly & Weight Watchers-Friendly Recipes, One-Pot Meals, Year-Round Favorites, Seasonal Specialties.
Karelian Borscht (Russian Beet Borscht Soup) ♥, extra hearty with sausage and a swirl of sour cream but also especially earthy and delicious as a vegetarian borscht.

Homemade Lentil Soup ♥, a classic homemade lentil soup, just inexpensive wholesome lentils, spices and vegetables plus a special touch, a splash of sherry. Vegetarian or easily vegan. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Very Very Green Green-Pea Soup ♥, quick and easy with frozen peas. Beautiful color.

Honey Mustard Chicken ♥, fast & simple, five ingredients. Weight Watchers Friendly!

Alice Waters' Coleslaw ♥, no mayonnaise, bright with lime and cilantro. Vegan. Low Carb. Gluten Free. Weight Watchers Friendly. Great for Meal Prep.

Fish with Herb Butter, another Quick Supper ♥, simple broiled fish, topped with a little butter and fresh herbs, quick enough for a weeknight, special enough for company. Low Cal. Low Carb. High Protein Weight Watchers Friendly.

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Best Recipes of 2004, Just One Per Month ♥

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